The Fight

by David Clemmer

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For K.


released June 5, 2014

Music and lyrics by DC
Mixed and mastered by DC
Album art by DC
'A Better Man' is an adaptation of The Dirty Words song 'You Deserve,' originally arranged and performed by DC, Mike Chastain, Scott Page, and Aaron Poplin—found on TDW album 'The International Machine'



all rights reserved


David Clemmer Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: I Got No Fight Left
The sheets are my liberty.
I'm face-down, and I can't breathe.
I shake open the curtains,
ask god to take things from me:
these crippled wrists,
these honey eyes too numb and black,
this twisted spine,
this cratered heart that's falling out of your pack.

I got no fight left.
Golden lover, I got no fight left.
Would you forgive me
if I fell down and wept?
Because I got no lovin' fight left.

Foolhardy, I will carve
fictitious names into the oak.
The range is a marketplace,
the style and the means are a joke.
But a razed, dazed partner
is a razor in my heart and that's for sure.
But I won't say 'fair mornin'
til you've throttled my beak and kicked the door.

I got no fight left.
Gooseflesh toucher, I got no fight left.
Would you absolve me
if I tripped up the step?
Because I got no achin' fight left.
Would you watch my chest
and listen for my breath?
Because I got no achin' fight left.

My slender-walkin' fencing sidekick,
my tender-talkin' too-sick wonder,
I wish I could have driven you
out past the Rockies and given you
thunder, thunder, thunder.

Some indignant wretch
could love a pound of me and stencil out a code.
Some insistent bug
could love an ounce of me and cut across the road.
But sunglassed, blazing
up the slopes and in the ropes that I know,
and corner-headed cars
and smallpox scars and this is where I go.

Oh, I got some fight left
Oh, honey, I got some fight left.
Would you believe me
if I put away what I've kept?
Because I got some lovin' fight left.
Some other god
shivered me while I slept.
I got some lovin' fight left.
Track Name: A Better Man
You deserve a better man.
You deserve a wizened scholar.
You deserve the arborist
who'll make your trees grow taller.

You deserve a Valentine
from a million miles away.
You deserve the sculptor
who'll make you out of clay.

You deserve more than a guitar
with a broken string.
You deserve the jeweler
who'll make all your rings.

You deserve health.
You deserve pride.
You deserve the electrician
who'll build the lamp on your bedside.

You deserve more than this
petrified piano player's poem.
You deserve the contractor
who'll build you your home.

Don't feel inadequate.
Don't feel cold and curled.
I can be that better man
who will give you the whole world.