To Sing an Anthem

by David Clemmer

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I often record covers in between my original recording projects. I never aim to publish them, but only to keep my playing/recording/mixing chops up.

Last year I realized I knew a number of songs that were written by friends of mine, so decided to record some. They turned out so good that I had to share them. I asked permission of all the original artists to release a tribute, and they all granted it.

Here's a tribute to some of those who have inspired me over the years. Be sure to check each song's info for links to their sites etc., and for some short blurbs on each tune!


released May 14, 2015

Performed, recorded, and mixed by DC
Mastered by Martin Mushrush



all rights reserved


David Clemmer Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Didn't I Know All Along
I recall the first time that I met you.
You'd just lost the greatest love you'd ever known.
You told me how you'd lie awake each evening
and wait for him to call you on the phone.

You told me how you packed up your belongings,
and he told you that he wanted you to go,
and how you walked the darkened streets for hours
just hoping that it really wasn't so.

Should I be surprised that you're gone?
Didn't I know all along,
I was only filling in
until he'd take you back again.

I watched your face each time you chanced to meet him
and saw the longing growing in your eyes.
I waited for the words each time I held you.
Tell me I was more than second prize.

Once he let you know he might still love you,
I knew that you would soon be leaving me.
No matter what I did to make you happy,
what you wanted most of all was to be free.